Inclusive Lesson Planning for Educators

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Finding time to collaborate to ensure all learners have access to meaningful, standards-based lessons is one of the most persistent challenges faced by educators, especially during COVID. But intentional design does not have to take long!

In this webinar, panelists from CAST, TIES and Carroll County Public Schools, will highlight the 5-15-45 tool, an online resource developed to support general and special educators collaboration to design inclusive lessons for all, and especially those with significant cognitive disabilities. We will hear from educators on how this tool has been used to support their collaboration.

The 5-15-45 tool is one of many resources from the TIES Center, a national technical assistance center on inclusive practices and policies to create sustainable changes in schools and district educational systems. It was made in collaboration with CAST, a non-profit education research and development organization.

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Host/Moderator: Gabrielle Oates
5-15-45 Team
Allison Posey, Curriculum and Design Specialist, CAST
Deborah Taub, Technical Assistance Specialist, TIES Center
Elizabeth Hartmann, Associate Professor of Education at Lasell University and Consultant, CAST
Jose Blackorby, Senior Director of Research and Development, CAST

Invited Guests
Mark Turek, Inclusion Coach, Carroll County Public Schools
Audra Ahumada, Deputy Associate Superintendent of Assessment, Arizona Department of Education
Naomi Fair, Inclusion Specialist, University of Washington