Literacy for All: Equitable Practices for Reading & Dyslexia

This session will share evidence-based reading practices that can be used in response to screening to address students who show risks for reading difficulties or dyslexia. The session will address the critical nature of core instruction and the essential components of reading that are central to early literacy development and reading success. It will describe and model how to deliver evidence-based instruction and will leverage effective intervention practices, identified by the Institute for Education Sciences (IES) and NCIL, to support struggling readers and students with dyslexia. The session will also examine students who demonstrate substantial need for reading intervention that has not been successfully remediated through high quality, explicit core instruction, and supplementary supports. By the end of this session, participants will understand how and why (a) using evidence-based practices during reading instruction and intervention can support students with dyslexia, and (b) using evidence-based practices to deliver reading instruction can lead to higher literacy outcomes for all children, including students with dyslexia.