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This article was written by Mark Lieberman for EducationWeek and published on March 28, 2022.  Just weeks after President Joe Biden signed into law a fiscal 2022 spending plan that fell well short of his proposed K-12 education priorities, the administration’s fiscal 2023 budget proposal advances some of those same proposals again, including massive increases […]

This article was written by Christina Cipriano for the Washington Post and published on March 02, 2022. Listen to Christina Cipriano read her essay, produced by Julie Depenbrock on the original link. “Don’t stare, Hannah!” Those were the scolding words a parent yelled as she hurried her 6-year-old away from us on the soccer field. My […]

This article was written by Jennifer Goldman and Sean Goldman for SmartBrief on October 6, 2021. At Simi Valley Unified School District, we’re committed to ensuring that every learner feels welcomed and can access the resources they need to be successful. This commitment is what inspires us to find new, impactful ways to support our […]

This article was written by Jenn Smith within the Seattle Times, Education Lab on February 15, 2022 Students have likely had someone at the head of their classroom this year who’s not their assigned teacher, the result of ongoing staff shortages in schools in Washington and across the country.  The impact of teacher absences on student achievement is […]

This article was written by Beth Hawkins of The 74 Million on November 29, 2021. This year, count day — the time when schools take their snapshot of student enrollment — was especially painful in the Twin Cities. Both the Minneapolis and St. Paul districts have been losing students for years, but the decline during […]

This article was written by Linda Jacobson of The 74 Million and published on November 22, 2021. Less than two-thirds of parents give schools an A or B for their handling of students’ academic and social-emotional needs during the pandemic, and almost 60 percent said they haven’t seen or heard anything about additional resources their […]

This article was written by Diana Lambert of EdSoruce and published on November 22, 2021. Some California school districts, in an effort to get ahead of California Covid-19 vaccine mandate deadlines and reduce already dire staffing shortages, are paying teachers and other staff to get their Covid-19 vaccinations. Enterprise Elementary School District in Shasta County […]

This article was written by Alex Zimmerman of Chalkbeat New York on November 18, 2021. Significantly fewer students were referred for special education evaluations last year, dropping 57% since the year before the pandemic started, raising concerns that thousands of students have not been identified for services they may need. During the 2020-2021 school year, […]