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Competency-Based Education 101: Demystifying CBE, Unlocking Deep and Joyful Learning

What is competency-based education (CBE)? How does CBE culture, pedagogy, and structure center students and equity? How can CBE work with learner variability to improve and deepen learning while igniting more joy and engagement in learning? What policies and practices are needed to enable the shift to CBE systems? Join Jay Jay Pina, a CBE high school support specialist and graduate, and Laurie Gagnon, a national CBE expert, to explore CBE in practice and entry points for shifting to a competency-based approach.

It Worked for Me campaign is an opportunity for student, educators, and educational organizations to express what worked for them in their educational journey across educational environments over the past two years.

Using the power of story, we highlight bright spots in technology, instructional support, student agency, school organization, and teacher shout-outs.

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