Accessibility Basics

For Edtech Solutions Providers

You'll Learn:

Digital Accessibility Integration
Competitive and Engineering Benefits
Market Implementations Considerations

Accessibility is central to the success of building a digital learning experience.

This is a free, foundational course that focuses on the 'why' of accessibility-enabled development, an introduction to accessibility, competitive and engineering benefits, and product and market implementation considerations.

This course is aimed at EdTech solution providers in the early stages of developing content. It assumes little to no knowledge of digital accessibility integration into EdTech tools, sales cycles, or product roadmaps. 

The course includes 4 modules: 

  • Module 1: Introduction to Digital Accessibility 
  • Module 2: The Business Case for Accessibility 
  • Module 3: Accessibility Laws & WCAG Essentials 
  • Module 4: Global Implementation Strategies

Course Completion Certificate 

To earn a Certificate of Completion for this course, you must earn at least 70% on each of the four (4) knowledge check quizzes.

Getting Help

If you need help with any aspect of this course, please send an email to

Complete the course at your own pace, and know that we’re here to help. 


“I like that you clearly explained the benefits of accessibility from many different aspects.   If a school or organization doesn’t want to be accessible just because it is the right thing to do, you give them many reasons such as financially, socially, and legally why it is necessary.” –Participant

“The training was not what I expected. I was thinking more nuts and bolts of how to provide accessibility but this was a very nice change. It is good for those who aren’t techies to understand why accessibility is so important from the front end. I will definitely recommend it to others.” –Participant

“I really liked how in the first couple modules, accessibility was defined (because I had the wrong ideas, or no ideas at all, about what accessibility is)” –Participant