Self Advocacy Resource Library

We are bringing together the best resources and practical approaches we can find from best in class providers.

Students with learning differences are often their own best advocates, especially when they are connected with the right supports and opportunities. This resource library contains resources to support young adults as they advocate for themselves in the classroom, at work, and in life.

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@evelyngonzalez Who else has ADHD? 🤯😭 Share your story using #mylearningdifference Link in bio for more resources #comedy #relatable #understoodorg ♬ original sound – Evelyn Gonzalez

@adhdingwithsia Share your story using #MyLearningdiference #UnderstoodOrg ♬ original sound – Sia | ADHD + mental health

@gucci_lang Ch. 3: Tougher! | #adhd Share your story using #MyLearningDifference | #ad #UnderstoodOrg ♬ original sound – Gucci Lang

About the Young Adults Network


Our mission is to amplify, support, and empower young adults so they can advocate for themselves in three key settings throughout their lives: Middle and High School, Work, and Post-Secondary Education

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