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Online classes make some kids anxious, but building relationships with them can go a long way toward helping them feel secure. This article was published by Edutopia on August 24, 2020 by Logan Beth Fischer. Teachers, as an instructional coach, I hear you when you ask, “What do we do about those kids who didn’t […]

Preschoolers Zoom, play to learn

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Early childhood teachers stress flexibility, fun with littlest learners This article was published by School News Network on May 15, 2020 by Karen Gentry. When Allison Martin meets online with her preschool students she has a helper by her side – her 3-year-old son Henry. It’s almost like having one of her students with her, […]

“Through SEL activities and building relationships with our students, we cultivate a caring learning environment that actively includes students in their social, emotional, and academic growth.” – Mid-Pacific Sixth Grade Dean Lisa Mah This article was published by Mid-Pacific Institute on September 11, 2020 by Julie Funasaki Yuen. For the first time in history, Mid-Pacific […]

This article was published by DisabilityScoop on September 8, 2020 by Faith E. Pinho. LOS ANGELES — When the pandemic forced schools to transition to remote learning in the spring, some families struggled more than others. Families of students in special education programs were suddenly expected to adapt to an online learning environment that was […]

Framing assignments in student-centric rather than teacher-centric ways can encourage engagement and persistence in learning. This article was published by Edutopia on September 15, 2020 by Katie Novak and Mike Anderson. Self-motivation. Ownership. Engagement. We have always wanted students to feel passion for learning and to be intrinsically motivated—to be driven from within. With much learning […]

This article and video originally appeared on July 30, 2020 by Lydia Camarillo. TUCSON, Ariz. — Figuring out what’s best for your student is a tough task many families are facing right now. “I think about the two s’s. We want to keep everyone safe and sane and then we want to try to incorporate […]

This article originally appeared in the 74 and is authored by EALA Founding Partner NCLD Executive Director Lindsay Jones. This spring marked three years since the groundbreaking Supreme Court ruling on a case involving a fifth-grader with autism, Endrew F. The decision set a new standard: School districts must provide an education that allows each […]

This article was published on August 10, 2020, in Chalkbeat by Samatha Smylie. As part of a summer program for children with disabilities, Nicole Abreu’s daughter, a rising third-grader at Jahn Elementary on Chicago’s North Side, has been able to receive speech-language therapy, services for the visually impaired, and help with her assignments from both […]