Addressing Trauma in Middle School Students with Disabilities

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With school closures and shutdowns, COVID-19 added additional anxiety and stress, a reality felt most acutely by students with disabilities with intersectional needs. The COVID reality is that schools must become even more trauma informed by prioritizing socio emotional wellness. A primary challenge is supporting our students, particularly middle school students with disabilities who may also be English learners, Black students or other students of color, low income, and/or present other identities. These learners’ experiences and challenges are at the heart of the COVID pandemic as they navigate multiple life and learning transitions. In this webinar, our panelists discussed key issues in serving them effectively.


  • Cindy Cipoletti, Executive Director, Learning Disabilities Association of America
  • Sam Drazin, Executive Director, Changing Perspectives
  • Bennison Ntsakey, Director of Academics, Brooklyn LAB Charter Schools

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