Using Metacognition to Cultivate Tech-Empowered Remote Learners

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Dr. Vanderberg and two of her students will discuss using metacognitive approaches to cultivate self-determined remote learners. They will demonstrate how to use the Student-Environment-Task-Tools (SETT, Zabala, 2005) Framework with UDL for creating accessible learning experiences. Students have diverse needs and strengths that change depending on the task demands and the learning environment. Come explore practical strategies with real learners. Gain expertise in how to make student-centered learning environments and useful, task-focused decisions about technology tools for digital classrooms and distance learning! During this session, Dr. Vanderberg and her students will discuss specific approaches and tech tools. Assistive Technology Specialist, Megan O’Brien, will be on hand to answer specific questions about assistive technology tools and settings. Bring your questions and be ready for an interactive session!

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Originally recorded on May 07, 2020
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