2022 New Champions Fund

Submission Portal

What We Are Looking For

The purpose of this sub-grant is to elevate the work and profile of not-yet-recognized leaders doing exceptional work who may struggle to be recognized in traditional national fundraising efforts.

With this sub-grant, we are looking to identify and fund a “New Champion” in education. To us, this means we are looking for someone who is a:

  • leader(s) of community-based organizations (CBOs), schools and districts, non-profits, or for-profit organizations that are under $2 million in annual revenue*;
  • leader(s) of color or allies of the equity in education movement;
  • actively working to support students with disabilities, including students who are marginalized or come from underserved communities and those experiencing poverty.

*for profit organization able to take contribution from non profit organization

DEI Statement

InnovateEDU and its project the Educating All Learners Alliance embrace the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion both internally, in our organizational culture, and externally, in our funding and related practices, such as the New Champions fund.

We believe prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion is both a moral and ethical s imperative, and integral to our mission of closing opportunity gaps for students and communities that have traditionally been underserved because of systematic barriers ingrained in the current education system.

In supporting our mission to help address these critical issues, we also empower the individuals and organizations we choose to partner with and mentor in these initiatives. We have a duty to exercise this privilege with great consideration toward diversity and inclusion principles, mindful of the larger society of which we are a part, and of the historical, economic, and cultural forces that shape it. As a result, we recognize that some groups have been historically disadvantaged, whether by virtue of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, ideology, religion, or other characteristics that reflect significant social categories or fractures. While our efforts encompass a wide range of identities, we believe the history of racial injustice in the United States imposes a special responsibility to make intentional efforts to address systemic racism, both internally and in our activities..

We value the diverse perspectives our staff, partner organizations, judges, and external stakeholders already bring to the organization’s work, but are conscious that we always have more to do and learn. We look for ways to understand better how to engage and meaningfully include diverse voices in all of our work. Doing so will, we believe, improve the outcomes we and our partners achieve in our work.

The New Champions Fund, its organizers, staff, and judges, adhere to the diversity, equity, and inclusion principles outlined above and are committed to ensuring that promoting diverse voices is paramount in our work.

Commitment to Support

As we are actively looking for applicants who are not-yet-recognized for their exceptional work and who may be first-time grant applicants or someone who is unsure about the grant application process, we want to support you through this grant application process.

Open, drop-in office hours are available at the following dates and times:

*If you would like to schedule another time for consultation, or have other questions answerable by email, please contact Treah Hutchings at


What We Offer

We will elevate and support the selected New Champion in two key areas:

  • Funding: A one-year $35,000 unrestricted sub-grant.
  • Mentorship: A one-year mentorship provided to leadership to accomplish strategic goals.
  • Participation in National Events: EALA will work with the New Champions to spotlight their work through various media channels, podcasts, webinars, and national conferences to highlight the work of the organizations

Additionally, we will provide two runners-up with unrestricted $5,000 sub-grants.

This competitive sub-grant is not a competition or sweepstakes prize. The New Champions Fund will be selected and granted by the panel of New Champions Fund Program judges with well-defined criteria co-created by the judging panel. This sub-grant will be moderated by an individualized Request for Proposal (RFP) written at the beginning of each New Champions term.


Application opens April 22, 2022

New Champions Office Hours* April 26th, 2:00-4:00 pm PT/5-7:00 pm ET

New Champions Office Hours* May 10th, 12:00-2:00 pm PT/3:00-5:00 pm ET

New Champions Office Hours* May 24th, 8:00-10:00 am PT/11:00-am-1:00 pm ET

Application closes May 31, 2022

Funding announced ISTE Live! (June 27 - June 29)

*other consultation hours available upon request