Day School Students Learn Importance of Inclusion and Accessibility

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This article was written by Cody Bailey on March 22, 2024 and published by 


 Much of Bryce Weiler’s life has been centered around overcoming daily tasks many take for granted. Although he cannot see, Weiler is leading the path to inclusion for all.

“I want to help others to live their dreams of finding employment,” explains Weiler, “working in a career or job field that they want to work in, creating events where staff from companies can go out and engage with people who have disabilities.”

Weiler is the co-founder of the Beautiful Lives Project, which hosts immersive events to keep those with disabilities from being isolated. Weiler says his life changed when he was invited to sit on the bench with the University of Evansville basketball team. Weiler also has 160 games under his belt as a radio broadcaster and is a disability consultant for the Baltimore Orioles.

“It’s important for younger students and for younger adults to realize that there’s so many more people in the world who need opportunities to be successful,” says Weiler. “Those with disabilities, those from disadvantaged ethnic backgrounds, because everyone deserves a chance to live their dreams in life.”

Weiler also took an interactive approach to show day school students what it is like when something, like vision, is taken away. Students took turns seeking one another with their eyes closed, only using sounds to navigate. Weiler says he hopes students see how they can give back to others.

“You can impact someone’s life if you are willing to go beyond what others might think you should do and do what you know is right,” explains Weiler, “and always try to give someone the opportunity to have a chance to be successful.”