Connecting & Supporting Learning for Assessment: Success All Year for All Learners
May 3, 2023 7:30 pm | Webinar
Connecting & Supporting Learning for Assessment: Success All Year for All Learners

Connect & cultivate year-long instead of only during the testing season. STEM4Real Partners will explore and present findings from the California Science Test (CAST) and explore helpful information that needs to be shared with people who need it such as families, educators, and administrators. Discover commonalities around advocacy for students such as: Asking the right […]

April 11, 2023 2:00 pm | Webinar
Advocating for Exceptional Learners: Community of Action with NPU

What do parents, teachers, and students need to advocate for students/themselves? Join Jason B. Allen to deep dive on the topic of how to effectively advocate for your student with learning differences and discuss what is needed to be an effective advocate.

March 30, 2023 12:00 pm | Webinar
10 Ways to Reverse Educator Burnout and Co-Thrive with Students

Register for Webinar Student needs are up, and many educators’ bandwidth is down…but what if you could give your educators the tools they need to support diverse learners without piling more on their to-do lists? What if you could move beyond prescribing off the job self-care activities to strategies that actually work on the job, […]

Adult sitting on the floor with child
January 19, 2023 5:00 pm | Webinar
Revealing the STEM Talents of Neurodivergent Learners

This edWebinar will provide educators, specialists, and administrators with examples of teaching and learning tools that help build elementary and middle school students’ computational thinking while supporting the executive function needs of all learners. Join us to learn how you, your school, or your district can use Including Neurodiversity in Foundational and Applied Computational Thinking […]

December 1, 2022 3:00 pm | Webinar
Centering Learners with Disabilities within Advancing Digital Equity for All

Join the Educating All Learners Alliance for the second in the “Advancing Digital Equity for All” Inside Look Series. In this webinar, we will examine the “Advancing Digital Equity for All” resource with the lens of intentional support for learners with disabilities or learning differences. Hear directly from co-collaborators on this resource, from the Office […]

November 30, 2022 4:00 pm | Webinar
Bouncing Back: The Pandemic’s Impact on Students with Disabilities & How to Advocate for Them

In this webinar, presenters from the Center for Learner Equity will share findings from their recent report on how the pandemic has impacted students with disabilities. They will share an overview of the evidence to date of how the pandemic has impacted students with disabilities’ outcomes and experiences, share insights from the parent perspective, and […]

November 9, 2022 6:00 pm | Webinar
Creating a Thriving Inclusive Classroom Space

Classrooms are more than just the physical space that makes them up. They are built from both mental and physical components meant to benefit all learners involved (students, teachers, support staff, you name it!). Join the Educating All Learners Alliance in a discussion with 4 educators from across the country about real ways teachers are […]

Hidden Harms Webinar Title Page
November 3, 2022 4:00 pm | Webinar
Hidden Harms: Mental Health and Students with Disabilities

How can stakeholders in the field of education better support learners facing these challenges? Elizabeth Laird of CDT, as well as Lindsay Kubatzky and Erin Crosby of NCLD, will explore how schools can take action to meet the needs of students. We hope you will add your voice to this ever-important conversation.

November 3, 2022 10:00 am | Webinar
CEC Virtual Literacy Institute: Tier 1 Literacy in Practice

Tier 1 is widely considered the start of literacy instruction. Fundamentally, Tier 1 is general instruction for all students and is designed to provide all students access to grade-level curriculum. The CEC Tier 1 Literacy Institute is designed to provide Special and General educators with the most current research and proven strategies to: Increase student […]

CITES + EALA Webinar Title Page
November 2, 2022 4:00 pm | Webinar
Prioritizing Inclusive Technology Practices for Student Centered Learning 

Let’s explore actions educators can take with technology to support student centered learning. During this session,  educators will learn about the Center on Inclusive Technology &  Education Systems’ (CITES) Teaching Practices and resources to support those practices. Specific to student centered learning topics to be discussed include personalized learning including personalized devices to support the […]