The New Wave: A Rise in Parent Advocacy

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For years parental support in education looked like PTA/PTO meeting attendance, fundraisers, bake sales, family nights and events. This was the case for many parents, but there were also a large group–typically Black and other families of color–taking more active stances to uplift their voices that often went unheard. Now, for the first time, the entire parental support dynamic has changed drastically , launching parents into activist roles in big organizational changes. 

A new wave of parent advocacy is making an impact across the country, as schools, districts, and parent advocacy organizations are increasingly focused on equitably engaging families. This webinar will go “beyond the headlines” with a preview of the “new wave” of current parent and educator research from Learning Heroes. Together, we will dive into tips and examples of schools, districts, and advocacy organizations that excel in building (and restoring) trust with families. 

Join The Educating All Learners Alliance and Learning Heroes as they discuss the increase in parent advocacy groups as well as the benefits of building solid partnerships between parents and educators.