2022 New Champions Fund

Judges Responsibilities


The Educating All Learners Alliance (EALA) by InnovateEDU is excited to launch our 2022 New Champions Fund opportunity.

The purpose of this sub-grant is to elevate the work and profile of not-yet-recognized leaders doing exceptional work who may struggle to be recognized in traditional national fundraising and communication efforts.

With this sub-grant, we are looking to identify and fund a “New Champion” in education. To us, this means we are looking for someone who is a:

  • leader(s) of community based organizations (CBOs), schools and districts, non-profits, or for profit organizations (under $2 million in annual revenue);
  • leader(s) of color or allies of the equity in education movement;
  • actively working to support students with disabilities, including students who are marginalized or come from underserved communities and those experiencing poverty.

Applicants that meet the required criteria will fill out the 2022 EALA New Champions Fund Request For Proposals.

Applications will be first vetted by the EALA review team and then reviewed by the diverse group of New Champions Fund Judges (link) using this EALA New Champions Application Rubric.

Selected New Champions Judges Responsibilities

Promoting the Opportunity: We believe that outreach for this award is critical. We ask that Judges promote the opportunity within their networks, post on social media and actively promote the opportunity.

New Champions Social Media Kit

Time Expectations: Judges are anticipated to spend approximately 4 hours judging (maximum of 8 applications to review) and attend a 1 hour virtual summit meeting to discuss findings. Each application will be judged by 2-3 judges and each judge will review 8 applications.

Ethics Expectations: Judges are expected to judge, using the rubric, with the following principles:

  • Confidentiality: Judges are expected to keep ideas and information within the application confidential throughout the judging process. EALA through InnovateEDU will take full responsibility for announcing the chosen applicant.
  • Objectivity: Judges are expected to examine and recognize any of their own biases that may be present in evaluating others’ work, and agree to review applicants on the same scale within the provided rubric. Judges agree to review each applicant with the same degree of thoughtfulness and consideration to maintain a high level of objectivity across applications.
  • Open-Mindedness: Judges are expected to stay open minded and first look for the strengths of each applicant before judging the weaknesses. Judges are asked to remember that this is a grant for mentorship so EALA is looking for applicants excited or willing to grow their skills and strategy.
  • Conflict of Interest: If a Judges encounter an applicant whose work they recognize as someone they have active partnership with, have funded or are funding or that they personally know, they must reach out to the EALA team so the application can be reassigned to be reviewed by another judge. Each judge will be asked to declare any conflicts in early June.

As the initial vettor, the internal team at InnovateEDU and EALA will…

  • Rule out applications which do not meet requirements (ie. not leaders of community based organizations (CBOs), schools and districts, non-profits, or for profit organizations (under 2 million in revenue) who are leaders of color, or allies of the equity in education movement, who are actively working to support students with students with disabilities, including students who are marginalized or come from underserved communities and those experiencing poverty.
  • Until 2 weeks before the deadline, if requirements are present, but information is missing, the vetting staff will work with applicants to complete application submission.
  • Secure/fact check identities and information within each grant application.


After initial vetting, the internal EALA team will randomly select applications for judges and provide each judge their list of applications and required conflict of interest documents.

Open, drop-in office hours are available at the following dates and times:

  • Each Judge will review a maximum of 8 applications. Each application will be reviewed by at least 3 judges.
  • If conflicts of interest are identified, the internal EALA team will reorganize lists until all judges have a conflict-free list of applications.
  • Once all lists are confirmed, EALA will notify all judges that the window for judging has begun (on or before June 8 - June 20).

Judges are expected to have reviewed and completed a rubric for each application by June 20th. On or before June 20, 2022, Judges will submit their top four scores to the digital New Champion Final Review portal.

Judges will convene during a virtual 1 hour virtual summit to discuss patterns and findings. The virtual summit will commence with the decision of:

  • 1 New Champion ($35,000 unrestricted funding sub-grant and year long mentorship)
  • 2 Runners Up ($5,000 unrestricted sub-grant)

Funding will be announced and promoted via social media in accordance with the ISTE Live! Conference (June 27 - June 29).


Application opens: April 22, 2022

New Champions Office Hours: April 26st 2-4pm PT/5-7pm ET, May 10th 12-2pmPT, 3-5pm ET, May 24th 8-10am PT, 11-pm1 ET *other hours available upon request

Judging Informational Webinar: May 23 - May 27 (Doodle)

Application closes: May 30, 2022

Internal Vetting Process: May 30 - June 3

Conflict of Interest Form Sent Out: June 3

Conflict of Interest Form Due: June 8 (or before)

Judging Window: June 8 (or before) - June 20

Judges submit New Champion Final Review: On or before June 20

Judging Review Summit: June 20 - 24 (Doodle)

Funding announced: ISTE Live! (June 27 - June 29)