Restart & Recovery Access and Equity for English Learner Students and Families during COVID-19: Recommendations for State Leaders

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In consultation with members of CCSSO’s English Learners Collaborative, the authors of this paper curated all EL-related information within these documents across five areas: (1) family engagement, (2) instruction, (3) assessment, (4) professional learning, and (5) leadership. This paper also includes guidance on supporting ELs’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and serving ELs with disabilities. Note that, although this paper focuses on SEA leaders, district and school leaders also may find these recommendations useful in guiding the development of local plans which center English learners. CCSSO also has released a comprehensive set of resources designed to assist states in making decisions about operations, instruction, and SEL during the pandemic. While many of the issues discussed in that set of resources are similar, the recommendations listed below focus specifically on EL students and their families.