TEA providing $1,500 for families of special education students impacted by pandemic

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This article was written by Crystal Martinez of KRGV News 5 on November 1, 2021.

The Texas Education Agency is giving some financial help to parents of students in need of special education services.

The pandemic has set kids back educationally, but for students already needing extra help in school, it’s taking an extra toll.

Veronica Garza, a mother of kids in need of special education, says there are resources available.

“I have children with disabilities and I saw that in the realm of the school districts, certain things weren’t being processed or there was a lack of progress happening with my children,” said Garza, a special education advocate.

The TEA says eligible families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are able to receive $1,500. The money will be used through an online portal that will allow parents like Garza to purchase items needed to help her kids learn and catch up.

“It’s called Class Wallet in which families are able to access those funds and buy products that their children can benefit from,” Garza said. “Mainly devices like iPads and even a Chromebook.”

As a mother of a child with autism, Garza says these devices are great tools to help a child with autism or other disorders communicate and get along with their peers.

“If they needed more time with a speech therapist well those $1,500 can be used to serve our children with disabilities and they can purchase more sessions,” Garza said.

To be eligible, the child must be:

  • • Enrolled in a Texas public school
  • • Enrolled Pre-K through 12th grade 
  • • A student with a disability served through Special Education. 

To apply, go to tea.texas.gov.